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At Rasida School, we provide your child with hands on learning. He or she will have the opportunity to explore through art, music, language, science, math, history and geography.

Our mission here at Rasida School is to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum for pre-school; Amber (play Group), Emerald (K1), Sapphire (K2), and Ruby (K3) Children, which will establish a foundation for your child’s social, emotional, and academic journey.





We Provide an Environment for Children to Grow & Excel

Our Objectives

  • Christian Based Principles
  • A well rounded child
  • Play and learn
  • Artful Exploration
  • Curiosity

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

We work with your family to help you and your child make a smooth transition into our School. 

Children enjoy a safe environment full of a wide range of sensory toys many of which make sounds, have textures or can be put in the mouth safely. Our educators will encourage your child to explore and learn on a daily basis through engaging in story time, songs, finger paints and playing with toys.

Though your child will be in a group setting they will increasing become more independent and will gain the necessary skills for transition into our Toddler room. The emergent curriculum meets the individual needs of each child in a group setting making them increasingly independent and allowing them gain the skills necessary to successfully transition into our next program.

The program for toddlers focuses on child choice and self-directed play as this is the age where they are striving for independence.

Children are helped with language development, socialization, fine motor skills, self-help skills and hand/eye coordination. Toddlers will learn memory skills and problem solving skills as wells as be exposed to pre reading and writing skills. The emphasis of our program at this age group will be on fundamentals of color, shapes, numbers, vocabulary and listening skills. 

We help your child build the necessary confidence to reach their individual full potential and prepare them for the preschool program. Throughout the day, children are encouraged to participate in physical activities such as running, climbing, jumping, dancing and having fun!

To these preschoolers, we offer a program that nurtures their learning process by exposing them to new experiences. Our program focuses on the advanced use of language, math and scientific thought. In addition, our learning centers foster emerging interests, creative expression and encourage individual skills.

At this age a child had a love of learning and we look to stimulate each child's innate curiosity and offer artistic expression through music, art drama and movement. Learning will focus on a child’s logical reasoning, story book character recognition tools and emphasis will be given to on size comparisons, sequencing and other foundational skills.

This program provides the foundation needed for children to excel in elementary school by ensuring that they have learnt new concepts, understand routines and understand the importance of sharing and respect.

Our kindergarten program is designed specifically for children who are 4 to 6 years of age in order to prepare them for Primary School. Our program offers play, learning and exploration with an environment that allows for lasting social relationships.

Rasida School kindergarten program puts emphasis on numeracy, early literacy, science skills, music, sports, drama and of course play. It is designed to build your child’s self-confidence so as to foster in them the love of learning, the ability to ask questions about the world around them as well as seek out answers.

While we strive to ensure that every child gains the skills they need to succeed in primary school we go above and beyond the required curriculum.

Our smaller class sizes and trained staff enable us to adapt early education to tailor to each child’s individual and developmental needs. This results in a structured atmosphere that is conducive to self-guided learning allowing a child to learn because they love what they are doing.


Key Rasida Staff

Teacher Maureen, Head Teacher

A warm and dedicated teacher with over five years’ experience.

I believe in learning through play and see learning as natural and fun for children. I am committed to making school fun for children.

Where a nanny or babysitter might engage in play-time just to keep children busy, an Early Childhood Development practitioner will do it with very specific developmental goals in mind.

Besides my practice as an ECDE teacher, I am also the Head of the School.  I consult with other members on the ECDE program and decision making, admission of children, planning for school development and implementing decisions made by parents and school committee and interpreting policy matters to teachers and parents.

Teacher Mercy

A professional educator with over ten years of experience.

The early childhood stage between birth and primary school is actually a time when children develop some of their most important cognitive abilities, attitudes, and skills. As an ECD practitioner I am in a unique position with good skills to facilitate this process.

I am, dedicated and committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to the learners. I love listening to motivational speeches as I watch children grow in every aspect.

It is truly amazing to see the progress the children make from the time they join until they transition to the next grade

Muthoni, School Nutritionist

A trained community health nutritionist.

In the school we promote healthy eating habits by developing health plans and educating our stakeholders about food.

I help the school community plan menus and nutritional programs.  I oversee meal preparation and serving to make sure dietary needs and food safety regulations are being met.

My motto is to offer healthy tasty meals that promote pupils physical and emotional strength to Play, Learn and Grow.

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Location: Meru, Next to St. Joseph Cathedral

Telephone: 0700 384 584

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Work Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm